Sub Station - Argyle Diamond

AC Multi-Drive System
Over Land Conveyor System - Goro

Commisioning of Medium Voltage System

Commissioning of Stacker - Goro

Commissioning of Ship to Shore Container Crane

GI-TECH renders the following specialized services:

Our team has extensive experience in mining, O&G and utility projects both in automation and power sectors inclusive of Brown field and Green Field projects.

Some of the projects our engineers were personally involved are:

Our team has had extensive experience in industrial drives & automation and power division of multinational companies in Australia and overseas for over 26 years, and have ‘hands on’ experience with in-depth knowledge of servicing, engineering, order execution, testing and commissioning of the following drive & automation & power products:

Competent in the use of the following test sets:

Power Systems and GRID AUTOMATIION

Engineering, Testing and Commissioning of HV/MV Conventional and renewable Substation, Micro Grid and Smart Grid Systems with Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Application to optimise power generation and carbon emission to help meet Renewable Energy Targets (RET). Commissioning of Capacitor Bank and  SVC control systems.Condition Mointoring and Reliabilty Center Maintenance.
Planned maintenance of substation stations