About Us


An organization, where human qualities are valued, nourished and respected to meet the expectations of our partners and customers.

Our aim is to fill capacity gaps for leading OEMs / End Users. The need for Project Management, Engineering and Commissioning resources may vary heavily and often OEMs do not have enough of their own resources at Peak Demand.  Our objective is to Customers in these situations, thus enabling them to complete their projects within budget, on time and to the complete satisfaction of the end clients.


With a strong corporate policy, committed team & efficient workflow system, the team is sure to gain respect, recognition and derive its market share.


Our professional team is highly driven and result oriented with over decades years of global experience in the electrical power & utility sector working for multinational companies.  He brings extensive experience in cross functional roles and a high level of unique expertise to each of the specific roles we work on.  We are a highly motivated team, who enjoy working within a team environment, and pride ourselves on our strong commitment to customer & operational excellence both internally and externally.