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Global Industrial Technologies Pty Ltd (GI-TECH) Group, has its operations in Power and Automation Systems. GI-TECH provides specialized consultancy services in the field of Design, Detailed Engineering, Project Management and Onsite Commissioning of Power and Automation Projects in the Mining, Transportation, Power, Oil & Gas sectors with aim to meet the renewable energy target (RET).

GI-TECH is a medium and high voltage commissioning company based in Brisbane, Australia.  Since its inception, GI-TECH has continuously refined its services to suit customer requirements and is now one of the renowned solution and service providers in the Energy & Mining Sector as quality plays an important role in everything we do. 

GI-TECH Sustainable Sucess is a Blend of Sensitive, Selective and Speedy approach towards our business and environment.

 GI-TEC delivers high quality services and has documented work procedures and test records to meet Australian / International Standards and has good knowledge of ISO9001 Quality Standards. Has very good understanding of ISO 17025, NATA documentation requirement and uncertainty calculation for test method used. We can help organisation in right direction to seek NATA accreditation

GI-TECH provides a technically capable consultation services for HV Accuracy testing having many years of testing and asset management experience with an extensive data of test records across wide range of assets. We have qualified and experienced Registered Professional Engineers (RPEQ) to validate Engineering and test process and records to meet relevant standards.

GITECH can provide the following Consultant services in Transmission and Distribution Network

GITECH can provide the following consultation services in HV Accuracy testing;

Do not hesitate to contact us, as we are capable of Engineering & Commissioning nearly all the Power and Automation Systems on the market.

Grid Connections

Grid connections is a critical risk for most renewable energy projects connecting to the Australian National Energy Market. We understand that successful project outcomes depend on the timely delivery of technical studies, ensuring a high-quality output and keeping project capital costs down by effective negotiations of generator performance standards with AEMO and NSP.

GI-TECH has an experienced team of Power Systems Engineers, skilled in the full suite of power system analysis tools and software (PSS/E, PSCAD, PowerFactory) and well versed in the specific nuances and requirements of each network jurisdiction and study processes.

Some of the technical studies we undertake include:

Operation and Maintenance of Solar Farms

24/7 Remote Monitoring and Support

Our team of solar PV experts provide 24/7 remote monitoring services to ensure plants continue to function at optimal efficiency. Continually analysing plant performance allows us to pre-emptively detect potential issues, and if required, dispatch specialised engineers to ensure plant downtime is minimised.